Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flip Kelly Poetry Prize 2010 Winner Announced

Dear Readers & Writers;

2010 was a great year for Amsterdam Press. In this third year for the Flip Kelly Poetry Prize, judge Amy L. Sargent had more than 60 entries to peruse, making her decision very difficult.   

Ultimately, all of us here agree that Amy has fabulous taste.  

The winning chapbook for the Flip Kelly Poetry Prize from 2010 "Bedtime Stories" by Joshua Gage.  He will receive an honorarium of $200 upon publication with our Gob Pile Chapbook Series. The following is a poem from his manuscript: 

A Mother Speaks

Here's the truth of it.  There was no witch,
no house of gingerbread, no trail of crumbs.
No, there was only us, the woods, and the gnaw
of cold.  Your father was the first to slip
into the shadows stretching from the trees.
The dark would echo with your screams and we
hungered. Some bones hold only so much meat
but at least we didn't starve.  The sun returned
and soon the days were warm, and we forgot
the night until it crept into our corners
and the wind wound round the house.  We huddled close
to the oven’s warmth, but even fires go out:
There was no wood, no coal, no food, until
your fingers grew as thin as chicken bones.
I watched you shiver in your cribs, carried
back to when I held you in my belly
swollen as the moon.  I can ignore
the breath in sleep that isn't there, scrub away
the blood.  But now I feel you, children,
pressing at my ribs like prisoners
fingering the bars of their cage.

Judge Amy Sargent recognized three finalists, in no specific order. 
“Dreaming of Lemon Trees” by Francis DiClemente
“Jewel” by Ellen La Fleche
“On the Production of Distance” by Jesse Nathan

This year, our editorial staff also chose two manuscripts to receive an Editors’ Choice Honor.  We have yet to determine a name for this honor, but we'll announcing it anyway.  These two manuscripts will also receive offers of publication.  They are:

“Alphabetica: The Other Side of Love” by Cedrick Mendoza-Tolentino
“Life Models” by Andrew Rihn
Every poet who entered the contest will receive a year’s subscription to Plain Spoke, the literary magazine project published by Amsterdam Press and a snail-mail announcement including this same information.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who supports our literary endeavors,

The Editorial Staff at Amsterdam Press

Questions, concerns, and comments can be directed to

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bangor Daily News

Michael Campagnoli's "Penobscot Voices: Kikukus" received a wonderful review in the Bangor Daily News. Staff writer Dana Wilde says that "Michael Campagnoli has one of the most capable and sensitive literary ears along the midcoast in recent years."

All of us at Amsterdam Press agree.

Get your own copy of the book in our Etsy store.

New Reviews

Issue 64 of Home Planet News includes a delightful review of Jendi Reiter's "Swallow."

If you haven't read "Swallow" yet, get a copy today at our Etsy store.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cracks and Slats

We have been looking for places that accept chapbooks for review recently, and during that hunt, we ran across two places that reviewed Mark Jackley’s Cracks & Slats. The Poetry Blog for Lilliput said that the Gob Pile Chapbook Series is “pertly named” and Tonopah Review called Jackley’s poetry a “kick in the kidneys.”

What a pleasant surprise.


We’ve been long overdue for a website overhaul (Or a new, custom, lovely wordpress makeover), and one of the things that we would like to make more prominent in the new design (hopefully by Spring) is our dedication to being green.

Just how green are we? Let us count the ways:

  • We fold every single page of every chapbook and magazine by hand, with bone folders, saving electricity.
  • We print on recycled paper. We love Genesis SMART papers because it’s beautiful and it feels nice. We want our books to have a nice hand. We also love that the paper is 100% PCW. We try as best we can to only use 100% PCW because no matter how sustainable, using something that’s been used before is better than making new. When we must use other paper because of cost or necessity, we make sure that we aren’t harming ancient forests and that the company is committed to sustainability before we buy.
  • We do not do harmful, glossy coatings.
  • We hand bind everything, saving energy.
  • We print our text pages on a refurbished Xerox Workcentre M20, 600 DPI, and our toner and drum units are recycled with Xerox’s Green World Supplies Recycling Program. When we are able to afford it, we’re going to move to a solid ink technology machine, which will reduce our carbon footprint even more.
  • We are always looking for new ways to improve our commitment to sustainability. Contact us if you have any suggestions or questions.

Exit Wounds Review

Outsider Writers did a fabulous write-up on Kevin Finn’s new book, Exit Wounds.

Read it here.

Swallow Review

JoSelle Vanderhooft at The Pedestal Magazine wrote a very complimentary review of Jendi Reiter’s Swallow .